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Link indexing has become very difficult these days. You do a lot of hardwork and spend a lot of money in building backlinks but if they don't index, they hold 0 value. None of the popular indexers are working anymore but still charging BIG BUCKS.

LINKDEXING presents a new and unique approach to index links. Our safe method involves 100% manual work and generate as much as 90% indexing rate [Period]

With the help of Linkdexing, Submit your site, pages or backlinks to google. Linkdexing will force Google to crawl your site, pages or backlinks with high Index rate.

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100% Manual Work

Our method involves manual work and there is no shortcut. We have a dedicated team of 4 people to do this task. Not only this is safe but highly effective.

High Indexing Rate

Our Beta testing showed us as much as 96% indexing rate. Many clients reported 100% of their links indexed. This depends on many factors and is not guaranteed. However, you can be rest assured that our indexing method is generating one of the best indexing rate.

No Monthly Subscription

There is no monthly subscription. You pay for the links credit that you can use at your own pace. Links credit do not expire until fully used.


The project is backed by Economical Network team which is providing some of the most popular seo and backlink service for the last 15 years. 

Clients since Jan 22
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Re-index links/pages that were previously de-indexed by google.
Drip Feed
Drip feed link indexing to upto 30 days.
Bulk Orders
We can handle large orders with ease.
Fast Results
You can start noticing results as soon as 1day.


1 credit = 1 link submission = $0.05 (INR 4.125)

Credits do not expire until fully used.

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What People Say

Over 5000 users trust Linkdexing to Index their backlinks including seo agencies, digital marketers & link builders. People love our service and post 5 star positive reviews on various Marketing Platforms and Forums.

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What’s the minimum package to try your service?

You can get started with our 200 links credit for only $10. You can get 10 free credits to try our service when you signup.

How long does it take to index the links?

The whole process is manual and takes around 2 weeks to get best indexing rate.

Do you Guarantee 100% indexing rate?

No we don’t. Some domains with “No index” tag, blocked by robot.txt, redirects etc will never index. There are also some blacklisted domains that do not work with our method.

Why your prices are higher than others?

Most link indexers provide set and forget automated system which do not work these days. As google is becoming smarter day by day, it is becoming difficult to index the links. Our method involves 100% manual work and some resources which increase the overheads and prices. However, you get a better service in the end.